Veterans Section

Rural Hill Cemetery is located at 215 West Seven Mile Road east of Rogers in Northville. Cemetery records and sales are managed by the City of Northville with the Department of Public Works maintaining the cemetery grounds. 


Rural Hill Cemetery expansion is completed
The City of Northville completed the phase II expansion of Rural Hill Cemetery in late summer 2019 and is now selling plots located in the southern-most section (#44A & 44B).

The new section features greenspace for 541 cemetery plots and a wide circular road flanked by towering trees. It is a nice addition to a cemetery that is well-known for its natural beautiful, with rolling hills, a pond, and a multitude of trees in varying sizes and species.

A veteran’s section graces a portion of the cemetery with four stately trees that seem to guard a tall pole with a large flag – snapping in the wind on a brisk fall day – to symbolize the sacrifice those soldiers made for their country.

Work included grading the area, installing an asphalt road and curbs, and adding topsoil and grass. The project brought to life the area envisioned by landscape architects, backed by a well-executed engineering plan. It was performed by Premier Group, of Detroit, which had the lowest cost of seven companies bidding on the expansion. The contract was for $120,034.

Although five mature trees had to be removed during the regrading process, they are being replaced by new trees either in the cemetery or elsewhere in the City (for zero tree loss).

For more information about the cemetery or to reserve a plot, please contact the Department of Public Works.

Pair of Lion Statues

Tall trees border cemetery road
New section 44A

Rural Hill History
Ira Rice claimed the southwest corner of the cemetery property in 1826 by a land patent issued by President John Quincy Adams in October of that year. The land was sold to Hiram Robinson in July of 1830. He subsequently died and left the land to William H. Robinson. The property went through several owners after that. Evidently the land the cemetery sits on was originally part of the farm of M.D. Gorton, who was one of  the organizers of the cemetery.

Rural Hill Cemetery angel statueThe Rural Hill Cemetery Association was formed on Dec. 17, 1885 and it purchased the land from Major Gorton and his wife for $1,286.25. The first board of directors included F.R. Beal, J.M. Swift, C.M. Thornton, M.A. Porter, M.D. Gorton, L.W. Simmons, L.W. Hutton, A. D. Kendrick and F.W. Clark. Their names all appear on cemetery memorials in Rural Hill. The organization was established as a non-profit civic enterprise with each member paying $125.

The first lots in the cemetery were sold for $15 to $40 each. On July 8, 1908, the association was reorganized and the corporation was chartered for an additional 30 years. Over the years, the association found the upkeep and record-keeping to be difficult. Thus, on May 25, 1948, they sold the cemetery to the Village of Northville for one dollar. No records were found for burials made prior to the 1930s. Former Sen. Robert Geake and former Northville Record Editor Jack Hoffman worked to re-create records from the marked graves in the cemetery and completed their project in 1977.