Planning Commission raises more questions about proposed Downs project
Posted on 06/07/2019
Preliminary Site Plan (reduced from image by Sieber, Keast Engineering )The Planning Commission on June 4 moved to refer the application for “The Downs” Planned Unit Development (PUD) back to the developer (Hunter-Pasteur Homes). PUD eligibility had been granted, with conditions, at the Planning Commission’s April 16 meeting.

The commission had additional questions for the developer at the June 4 meeting as did many of the 100 people in the audience.

The applicant’s proposal outlines plans for a mixed-use development of apartments, townhomes (condos) and single-family residences. The plan proposes that the apartments on Cady be constructed first, along with 18,700 ft2 of first-floor retail space. Once that project is built, the proposal calls for the development of the townhomes and single-family homes.

Daylighting the Middle Rouge River that traverses a portion of the property is a promise by the developer as a public benefit. Questions remain about how that will be accomplished and whether the applicant will be able to cover the cost.

The revised plan includes 300-302 apartments; 181-184 townhomes; and 50 single-family residences. The developer notes this is a reduction in density of approximately 45 units from the initial 577 units.

There are many other considerations that are documented in full in the planning consultant’s report dated May 29, 2019, which is posted on the City’s website as part of the meeting agenda/package.

Draft minutes of the meeting will be available in the City Clerk’s office on or after June 14.