Mayor Roth’s State of the Community speech covers topics from roads to new development
Posted on 04/26/2018
City of Northville Mayor Ken Roth provided a comprehensive overview of the City’s challenges and opportunities during the annual State of the Community, April 18, at Schoolcraft College’s VisTaTech Center.

Business people, community leaders and guests attended the lunch event hosted by the Northville Chamber of Commerce. Other speakers were Robert Nix, supervisor of Northville Township; Mary Kay Gallagher, superintendent of Northville Public Schools.

Some of the key points from the mayor’s speech are detailed below. Watch the video for the full presentation.

On road infrastructure, the mayor said City Council is reviewing a recommendation by financial consulting team (Vettraino Consulting, and Municipal Analytics) to fund road repairs and replacement by securing a $3.2 million bond (@ 3.5%) with funds generated by a 0.97 millage. If City Council approves a millage request, it will be placed on the November 2018 ballot.

Roth noted that the increased state funds this year will cover only a fraction of the cost of road replacement, with the bulk of the cost – now and in the near future – being the responsibility of city taxpayers. “Northville has to fix Northville,” he said. Roth strongly urged that funds be spent to maintain a good standard of roads; otherwise the cost will be much higher to replace roads. Currently, Northville roads are rated sub-par at 4.57; the goal is to be above 5.7 in the pavement condition index. (See the video for details.)

On the master plan, Roth shared news reports that Hunter Pasteur Homes was under contract to buy the Northville Downs property to develop it for single-family homes, apartments, condos and mixed use. He noted that the master plan will guide that development but emphasized that it’s a private deal between the buyer and sellers. “It’s day one of a new chapter,” he said, adding that there are conditions between the seller and purchaser that will need to be met before a transfer of ownership occurs.

On communications, the mayor said work is underway to develop a new website that will make it easier for residents to get information and interact with the city online. He also noted that new signage directs visitors to the City of Northville from main feeder roads, including 8 Mile.

On pensions, Roth said the City is moving to a comprehensive model to reduce and fully fund legacy costs.

On water loss, the mayor cited an unacceptable loss of water from aging water meters and supply lines. While fees allocated on water bills fund a portion of this cost, more funds need to be directed to this infrastructure upgrade.

In closing, he said, “I look forward to working with you to keep Northville one of the best small cities in America.”