Keep toxic waste out of storm sewers
Posted on 11/09/2020
Storm water enters the Middle Rouge River.Some cement companies have been discharging washout from their trucks onto the street after completing cement projects. This discharge then flows into the storm sewer and contaminates the water that enters the watershed. Cement is typically used to construct sidewalks, driveways, curbs, streets and landscaping surfaces, and too much washout from these projects may endanger surface waters.

A City ordinance requires cement companies to discharge the washout, which contains diluted cement and particles, on private property so that all of the material is contained on site.

While the City is alerting companies of their responsibility to properly dispose of this hazardous waste, we also need to enlist the assistance of citizens. If you see a cement truck preparing to discharge wastewater onto the street, please contact the City’s DPW department at 248.449.9930. Secondarily, you can also contact the police department at 248.349.1234 – please no not call 911.

The business responsible for illegal dumping will be charged for storm sewer cleaning and may be issued a violation by the Police Department.