Planning Commission
Purpose and Composition

The Planning Commission is charged with the powers and duties provided in the Michigan Planning Enabling Act.  Its mission includes development of the Master Plan and Master Plan updates, review and act on site plan developments and special land use requests, review and make recommendations to City Council on all rezoning requests, and review and recommend amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

The Commission consists of nine members, that are City residents and qualified electors.  Membership shall be representative of important segments and geography of the City to the extend practicable.  Members serve three-year terms, and are appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by a majority vote of the City Council.  For more information contact the Building Department at 248-449-9902.

Meeting location
Northville City Hall, 215 W. Main St.
Public invited to attend

Annual Report
2023 Annual Report on Planning Commission Activities

Agendas and minutes
Current agenda and minutes available on the agenda and minutes webpage
Archived minutes available here

2024 meeting dates
Generally, the Planning Commission meets the first and third Tuesday each month at 7pm

For adopted meeting dates, click here.
For information on submitting applications for Planning Commission review, click here.

Current member list
Member Term
Donna Tinberg, Chair 6-30-26
Steven J. Kirk
Thomas Barry 6-30-26
Paul DeBono, Vice-Chair
Jeff Gaines 6-30-25
David Hay 6-30-25
Carol Maise 6-30-24
William Salliotte, Jr.
AnnaMaryLee Vollick 


Sally Elmiger, Planning Consultant
Andrew Krenz Council Liaison
 John Carter, Alternate   

Governing documents
Planning Commission By Laws
Chapter 58, Article II Planning Commission
PA 33 of 2008

An expanded section of the Planning Commission’s purview can be found in the Building/Planning section of the website. It contains more information about meetings and application deadlines. It also covers topics that are discussed at the meetings, such as lot splits and combinations, Master Plan and other studies, proposed redevelopment projects and proposed zoning ordinance amendments. View it here

9 members of Planning Commission
Planning Commission members: from left, seated: Carol Maise, Steve Kirk, AnnaMaryLee Vollick, Thomas Barry; standing: David Hay, Paul DeBono, Donna Tinberg, Jeff Gaines and William Salliotte, Jr.
Photo by Liz Cezat.