Brush Collection Program
The City of Northville currently has a compost program which allows residents to put branches and brush at the curb for collection provided this material are bundled with twine or placed in large brown “Kraft” paper bags. The compost program runs from April until the end of November.

Beginning this year the City of Northville will now allow residents to place branches at the curb without bundling or bagging them. Branches 6 feet long and up to 6 inches in diameter can now be placed at the curb for removal by the City’s solid waste collection contractor.

Residents can now clean up their back yards and dispose of large piles of branches by placing them at the curb. Every Tuesday, year-round, a crew will come through each neighborhood and chip any branches left at the curb.

Branches must be in the street right-of-way (Between the street and the sidewalk). Simply stack the branches neatly behind the curb with the cut ends facing the street.

This new program will benefit residents who do a lot of tree and bush trimming, and it should help expedite clean-up efforts after storms.

For safety sake we cannot take roots, stumps dirt, lumber, railroad ties or any wood with metal in it.

DPW yards no longer take these items:  roots, dirt, lumber, railroad ties or any wood with metal in it. You can take these items to: Arbor Hills Landfill, 10690 Six Mile Rd., Northville, Michigan 48167, (888) 443-1717.

Residents can dispose of firewood pieces and stumps with their normal weekly garbage (Maximum 35 gallon cans and 60 lb. weight limit).

Collection crews will not rake up small branches after the large brush piles are removed. Residents may have to rake these areas after bulk brush collection has been made.