Great quality of life for seniors

Allen Terrace is an apartment community for active, independent senior citizens, owned by the City of Northville. The City of Northville Housing Commission establishes the admission criteria for Allen Terrace.

The following criteria apply to all applicants for housing at Allen Terrace.

  • All residents must be at least 55 years old.
  • All residents must be able to live independently.
  • Allen Terrace requires no minimum or maximum income or assets.
  • All applicants must provide age verification and, if applicable, preference verification. Acceptable age verification includes a valid drivers license, state identification or birth certificate. Acceptable preference verification, for residency preference, includes property tax records, deeds, mortgage documents, or lease. City of Northville residents must also provide verification that includes the length of residency.
  • The City of Northville Housing Commission approves all applications.

The following preferences apply to all applicants. For City of Northville preference categories, additional preference is given based on the greatest number of years either as a taxpayer or resident. The categories are listed in preferential order.

  • Current City of Northville resident (ranked according to most number of years)
  • Former City of Northville resident (ranked according to most number of years)
  • Parent or grandparent of current City of Northville resident
  • City of Northville employee; including parent or grandparent of city employee
  • Current Northville Township resident; including parent or grandparent of current Northville Township resident
  • All others

Applicants may request that their application be placed in the "will call" status. This reserves a place on the waiting list in the appropriate category but indicates that the applicant will contact the Housing Commission when he/she is ready to move to Allen Terrace.

It is the applicant's responsibility to keep the Housing Commission informed of address or phone number changes. Applicants are contacted on an annual basis to determine if they wish to remain on the wait list. If the applicant responds no or does not respond, they will be removed from the wait list. If it has been more than a year since you have been contacted by the Housing Commission about a wait list you are on, contact Allen Terrace to be sure you are still on the list. 

  • Allen Terrace Housing Application