Opt Out of Household Refuse & Recycling Services

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Terms and Conditions:

 I have verified that if I have hired an alternate contractor they are licensed with the City.

 I understand that if the cancellation period is less than three months, I will be charged a $40 reactivation fee upon resumption of service.

 I understand that my household cannot use the recycling center or the compost center at the public works yard, participate in the City's curbside trash or recycling program, cannot participate in curbside leaf pickup in the fall, set out yard waste bags for the City contractor, or utilize the City's brush chipping program.

 I understand that if I am found to be using any portion of the City's services for trash, recycling, composting, leaf pickup, yard waste, or brush chipping programs, I will be charged for the entire two month billing period as well as going foward.  These sercives are funded through the solid waste program and not by general taxes.



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