An update on COVID-19 news
Posted on 07/01/2020
Mayor Brian Turnbull Dear Northvillians,

Happy 4th of July weekend – summer is now in full swing! As we get ready for a unique (pandemic-related) holiday weekend, I thought it would be interesting to look back at yester-year celebrations and what used to be going on in this town we love:

• 1895 – Over 5,000 visitors enjoyed festivities from dawn to dusk with a sunrise 21-gun salute, a parade and virtually a three-ring circus ending in fireworks. Historically, the Wayne County Fair at Northville Downs used to rival the State Fair attendance with rides, games, animals and midways.

• 1927 – Centennial Celebration: A huge three-day event that included concerts, activities, ball games, square dancing, fireworks and the largest parade in Michigan up to that time, with floats from Henry Ford himself.

• 1932 – Horse Races (including thoroughbreds): Parade, firework, street dancing and music on Center from Main to Dunlap… similar to the set-up today downtown with music and festivities.

• 1948 – Water Hose Fire Department Battle: Versus Plymouth, exciting and humorous (Northville wins!)

• 1953 – Pony Rides and More! Activities included Ford Motor Co. providing pony rides for more than 1,000 children and “speed boat” rides for nine hours on the Mill Pond.

• “Lovers Lane” always popular on July 4th – Balboa Lake/Ambler Pond where 7 Mile is located today between St. Lawrence Estates and Rogers St. was a beautiful watershed area, with sweeping willow trees giving it the nick name “Lovers Lane.”

• Ford Field (Northville’s Central Park), where recently 1,200 folks gathered for a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally, has historically been our gathering touch point. I encourage you to enjoy its beauty. Walk Ford Field and the Mill Race area this weekend.

• Ice Cream and dairies are part of Northville’s history. In our past, Cloverdale’s (Rebecca’s today) would serve ice cream along with Guernsey’s, which was originally located in downtown close to Main/Center. Today, we have Custard Time, Yogurt Palooza, Brown Dog and of course Rebecca’s to handle our ice cream desires. As you know, our downtown is now converted into a walkable outdoor pedestrian mall with restaurants serving open air tables, small groups of musicians playing in the background and retailers displaying their wares in a festive environment. And, ice cream is surely part of it!

Summing it up, Northville has always been a summer destination because of its parades, fairs, concerts and also because of its beauty with lakes, rivers and hills. It will always be our “Hamlet in the Hills” and the “Switzerland of Wayne County.” Enjoy all its beauty and its walkability this coming weekend.

Highlights of COVID-19 measures

● Michigan Schools will open this fall – The school roadmap is being published this week by Governor Whitmer.

● State executive orders still require wearing of face coverings while inside public enclosed areas and social distancing ... so mask up!

● Northern Michigan, outdoor crowds approved to 250 (Northville at 100), Indoor-50 (here 10), outdoor performance and sporting events – 500. (Gyms, Casino’s and The Downs will open soon!)

● COVID-19: A novel Virus (meaning it’s unique) – Northville has had 46 cases/7 fatalities. Michigan has had 70,000 cases/6,300 deaths and the nation has 2.6 million cases/124,000 deaths. Testing and contact tracing continues. We don’t want to drop our guard now ¬– keep masks on, social distance and wash your hands frequently. Be smart and enjoy your weekend.

● We will transition to the “New Norm,” as it relates to our work, socializing and spacing. My commitment is to keep you connected and safe, while having open communication.

● City Hall will be open after the 4th of July (on Monday, July 6). All services are still available remotely.

● FAR (Floor Area Ratio) recommended by Planning Commission at .36 is moving to City Council this month (meeting on July 20).

On Actions

● I continue to thank all those who have shared their time and talents in these unprecedented times – now it’s time to move forward intelligently and together, into our future.

● I wanted to give a shout-out to our police and firefighters who were dispatched to St. Lawrence Estates for a lightning strike that engulfed a four-unit condo building Saturday. All occupants were exited safely. Data shows that after a lightning strike occurred, the first flames were reported at 3:46 a.m., with the Fire Department dispatched and on scene within seven minutes. I wanted to thank our first responders and all the assistance we received from Northville Township and Novi… keep those affected at St. Lawrence in your thoughts and prayers. Let’s say thank you to our first responders today!

● Reminder – there are 14 City road projects underway (some infrastructure dating back to 1895); surface lots are being redone; and, as everyone has enjoyed, Sheldon Road has been repaved by Wayne County. We’re moving forward!

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend and engage in the reopening of Downtown Northville this Summer 2020.

Be safe, and continue to Keep that Northville Faith!

Stay #NorthvilleStrong!

Brian Turnbull
Mayor – Northville / 248.505.6849