HydroCorp will send written notices of inspections
Posted on 10/13/2021
Inspector looks at connections outside of a house. Photo courtesy of HydroCorp.The Cross Connection Control Program for residents begins Nov. 15 when HydroCorp conducts residential inspections of exterior water connections. (See map below for the order in which inspections will occur.) HydroCorp has been the city’s contractor for commercial and industrial inspections of cross-connections since 2004. The Dept. of Public Works (DPW) is overseeing this program. 

A cross-connection is an actual or potential connection between the safe drinking water (potable) supply and a source of contamination or pollution. Water normally flows in one direction, from the public water system through the customer’s water plumbing system to a faucet or other plumbing fixtures. Under certain conditions, water can flow in the reverse direction. This is known as backflow and could cause non-potable water to backflow into the resident’s drinking water, creating a hazard for the resident.

Residential inspections conducted by HydroCorp will examine connections for inground irrigation systems, swimming pools, hose bibs, and any other outdoor water connections. The inspection seeks to detect actual and potential cross-connections. A record will be made of each inspection, existing backflow devices/assemblies and corrective action if necessary. Residential inspections are a state requirement.

Inspection notices will be mailed to water customers before the scheduled inspection date. There is no fee for the inspection and the homeowner does not have to be present during the inspection. The homeowner will bear the cost of making any needed repairs and follow-up inspection of those repairs, which must be done by a state-approved licensed contractor. 

Some examples of where cross connection may exist inside homes are toilet fill valves, extendable shower wands used with a bathtub, water operated sump pumps and water softeners. No inspections will be conducted inside the home but homeowners are encouraged to look at these connections for potential backflow issues. For more information, please review this HyroCorp web page

The company will conduct approximately 500 initial inspections annually and will help educate residents about the program.

Zoned map of Northville city