Early Voting Information

In November 2022, voters approved Proposal 2022-2 which gives voters the right to cast a ballot early and in person at an Early Voting Site before Election Day. The City of Northville is partnering with Oakland County Elections to host an Early Voting Site at the Novi Civic Center for all elections. The EV Site will allow for voters in the City of Novi, Novi Township, and the City of Northville to cast their ballot in person from Saturday, July 27 through Sunday, August 4. Hours of operation will be from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm each day, except Thursday, August 1, the hours will be from 12 pm - 8 pm.

The closing of the polls for the Early Voting tabulator and voter assist terminal will occur at the Novi Civic Center, 45175 Ten Mile Road, Novi, MI 48375 after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6.

For additional information regarding early voting, visit the Michigan Department of State Early in-person voting page.

Early Voting 

What is early voting?

Early voting allows a voter to cast a ballot before Election Day, in an experience similar to voting on Election Day.  During the early voting period, voters are issued a ballot and can then insert their ballot directly into a tabulator at their early voting site.

How is early voting different from absentee voting

Both early in-person voting and absentee voting allow voters to cast a ballot before Election Day. However, there are key differences between the two methods of voting. Early voting allows voters to cast a ballot similar to how they would do so at a polling place on Election Day. Voters are issued a ballot and can personally insert it into the tabulator at their early voting site.

Absentee voting allows voters to request a ballot by mail or in person at their local clerk’s office. Voters can complete their absentee ballot at home or their local clerk’s office and submit it in an envelope by mail, in person, or by drop box. After an absentee ballot is received by the local clerk, the voter’s absentee ballot is processed and tabulated by their local clerk. Absentee voters also have more flexibility to “spoil” their ballot, or change their vote, after it has been submitted.

Is early voting secure?

Just like voting on Election Day, there are multiple security reviews and checks and balances in the early voting process. Thousands of Republican, Democratic, and independent election clerks, staff, and volunteers work together to ensure the early voting process is secure and accurate. Strict security protocols are enforced to make sure Michigan’s elections system is among the strongest and most secure in the nation.

Learn more about election security in Michigan.

For more information on Early voting check out the link here