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March 10 Presidential Primary
May 5 - potential election date (monitor website for more information)
August 4 Primary
November 3 General

Public Notices - March 10 Presidential Primary 
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March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary Ballot Information

This ballot includes candidates seeking nomination for the Office of President of the United States, and the following ballot proposals:

  • Renewal of Wayne/Oakland County Art Institute Authority Millage
  • Northville Public Schools Sinking Fund Millage Proposal .9519 Mill for 5 Years

Michigan's Presidential Primary has been designated as a CLOSED PRIMARY.  There is no political party registration requirement in Michigan Election Law.  Any Michigan registered voter can participate in the primary.  By law, you must make your ballot selection in writing on the ballot selection form on election day, or on the absent voter ballot application if voting by absentee ballot. 

The March ballot selection choice does not affect voting in the August Primary or November General Presidential election. 

Click here for Questions and Answers about participating in the Michigan Presidential Primary Election.

What to Expect at Your Voting Location on Election Day

The Michigan Bureau of Elections has created a YouTube video for Michigan voters, which explains what to expect when you appear at your voting location on Election day.  Click here to view the video